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4 Ways to Create Must Click Headlines for More Traffic - Noteworthy Businesses

Keep your traffic by getting them to click.

If you want people to come to your website and read your content, you are going to have to create headlines that they will not be able to resist. If you notice, the websites out there that have consistent viral content, like, use amazing headlines that you can’t help but click on and find out what is behind them. Headline generators are helpful, but unique, tempting headlines that you design will help keep readers reading and drive traffic. So how do you create these headlines, here are some rules to follow.

First, use some sort of number in your headline. Top 10 lists are always popular or five ways to do something is also a great way to get clicks. It doesn’t really matter what number you choose, although 10 does seem to get more results than anything else, always use some sort of number when you generate a headline.

Second, use great adjectives. Brainstorm some excellent adjectives that will catch people’s attention and make them want to click on your headline. Words that create urgency like unbeatable, fantastic, unique and many, many others can all be used to craft a headline that is impossible not to click on. Think about what catches your attention; what makes you click? Look at Buzzfeed and Cracked to see what types of headlines they are publishing and recreate that style with your own content.

…because you need to stand out from the crowd…

Third, make your headline unique from everyone else’s. Think of your self as a headline generator; brainstorm as many ideas as you can. Use words that other people aren’t using in your headline. In fact, make your article and your headline as unique as possible because you need to stand out from the crowd not be part of all the other headlines out there. Do not use the exact same headlines that you see in other viral sites or you are going to lose. Popular sites have professional writers, more money and a great deal of experience in getting traffic to their site. This means you need some edge to stand out as much as possible. You can only do this by adding your own unique flavor or spin to the headlines and articles.

Fourth, an excellent technique to use is to make an irresistible guarantee. It is important to realize that you have to follow through with that commitment in some way: however, you can be creative and still compose a tempting promise that people are going to want to click on. One example might be creating this headline: “How to Lose Weight by Eating More.” Of course, people will click on this headline! People who are trying to lose weight are hungry but still want to lose weight. So how do you keep your promise? You could write an article about eating snacks that are considered negative calorie foods. Look at making a list of these foods like celery or foods that actually burn excess calories by eating them.

Need a Headline Generator?

Finally, sometimes as writers, we just need a little nudge in the right direction. Here is a link to a site that will do exactly that: Free Headline Generator. Although you may have to make some adjustments, this free tool really helps you get past writer’s block and get going.

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